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    Why is Easy to Tear Cling Film?


    Using cling film is pretty easy. The easy-to-tear cling film is equipped with an in-built cutting mechanism that allows users to tear it easily without scissors or cutting equipment. The cling film tears crisply without any elongation.

    Some Key Features That Make the Tear Cling Film Easy to Use:

    Cutting Edge

    The tear cling comes with a built-in cutting edge. This unique feature further forms a predefined tear point that makes it easy to tear in a straight line to give uniform wrapping sheets. This makes tear cling film use easier without scissors and ensures a clean and straight tear.

    Smooth Rolling

    The cling film manufacturers design the packaging and the cling roll for easy unrolling. This prevents the film from excessively sticking to itself or getting tangled to ensure a smooth and hassle-free unrolling process.

    User-friendly Design

    The cling film suppliers focus on user-friendly design considering the needs and requirements of customers. It is thin as low as 8 microns and stretchable, which allows it to adhere to the surface of the containers and food items. The thinness also promotes easy tearing and is quickly ready to be used.

    How to Use Tear Cling Film?

    The tear cling film is engineered to simplify the covering and protecting process while ensuring convenience and efficiency for the end user. Here is how you can easily tear cling film:

    • Find the starting point of the film roll
    • Now gently pull the film away from the roll
    • Tear the film along the perforation or cutting edge that has predefined lines
    • Hold one end of the torn roll and stretch it if required.
    • Begin wrapping the film around the item you want to cover
    • As you wrap the tear cling film, press the edges against the surface for a secured seal.
    • If you need more cling film for other items, repeat the process by pulling and tearing the roll.

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