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    Aluminium Foil – The best wrapping option


    It’s always better late than never!

    Thin, Strong, Versatile, Light weight and Environment friendly all these characteristics make Aluminum Foil stand out among other packaging material.

    Aluminum Foil is primary packaging material for the Consumer lid, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, house hold use and Food processing industries. It provides very good barrier properties to protect food from degrading.

    Aluminum is lightweight and has a low melting point, while at the same time, it is easy to mold. This gives aluminum packaging an advantage from a marketing perspective. It can be easily customized, due to the flexibility of the material, with creative shapes and consumer appeal.

    Aluminum can be endlessly recycled, and its recycling process provides a significant amount of energy savings compared to other materials, consuming only five percent of its primary production energy. This saves an enormous amount of energy and factory emissions, making aluminum a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly choice for food packaging material.

    Quality : In this competitive environment, if you value the quality of your products, undoubtedly you want to present them in appropriate packaging. With continuous improvement as our top priority, we maintain a level of product quality that reflects increasingly demanding market requirements. We have implemented a number of tests that ensure you will receive products with premium quality. In addition, most of our products from the food-family have been certified for use in direct contact with food.

    Customer Service : we have multiple options available for our customers, we customize our foil roll sizes according to customer’s requirement

    Reliability : No matter what quantity you are purchasing from us our techno commercial department always be there to resolve your queries and give you appropriate solution on every stage. Because we always take our customer’s complaints, feedbacks and suggestions seriously.

    Multiple test for best quality, qualified production team, competitive price & transparency make us what we are today and this is what make us feel proud.


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