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    What Is Biodegradable Cling Film?

    What Is Biodegradable Cling Film

    If you are looking for a better alternative for your wrapping solution, the biodegradable cling film is perfect for you! At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we emphasize providing biodegradable cling film at cost-effective prices without compromising on quality.

    Our eco-friendly cling wrap breaks down faster than regular wraps, causing minimal impact on the environment. These cling films maintain functionality while offering a versatile and convenient solution for food preservation and storage.

    The compostable plastic wrap is a positive step towards sustainability and mitigating the environmental impact. It promotes a more responsible and eco-friendly approach while contributing to a healthier planet by reducing the usage of traditional plastic wrap.

    Benefits of Using Biodegradable Plastic Wrapping 

    • Minimum Environmental Impact

    As mentioned, these compostable plastic wrap breaks down more easily than the traditional plastic wrap. It helps to minimize the long-term environmental impact associated with plastic. 

    • Reduced Landfill Waste

    The cling film biodegradable features ensure it breaks down readily through microbial action to minimise plastic waste in landfills. Considering the increasing concerns about overflowing landfills, these biodegradable cling films are the ideal alternative. 

    • Renewable Material

    The biodegradable cling film manufacturers produce these cling films from renewable resources like plant-based materials. This results in a lower carbon footprint and contributes to overall efforts to minimise climatic change. 

    • Innovation and Research

    With growing concerns towards sustainability and environmental impact, Pragya Flexifilm Industries constantly stresses research and innovation in sustainable packaging solutions. 

    The Biodegarble cling film is the ultimate alternative to conventional plastic films. Our biodegradable is a positive step towards sustainability and minimising the use of single-use plastic wraps. We are a leading biodegradable cling film exporter that offers versatile and high-quality wrapping and packaging products all over the world.

    Our products are designed and engineered with superior quality raw materials, state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled team to produce cling films to meet customers’ specific requirements. We offer customization in terms of thickness, width and comportions to provide customised cling film as per customers’ requirements. 

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