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    Importance of Blue Stretch Film in Automobile Sector


    The blue stretch film is extensively used in the automobile industry for various applications. It is a cling film used in the automotive sector for manufacturing, shipping and storage.

    The blue stretch film is often used to protect automotive components, parts and surfaces during transit and storage purposes. The blue stretch film in automobiles is commonly employed for its distinct colour, making identification easier and differentiating from the typical transparent film.

    Some of the Critical Significance of Blue Cling Film in the Automobile Industry:

    Non- Migratory Properties

    The stretch film exhibits non-migratory properties to prevent migration of potential transfer of additives to the surface of the automotive components.

    Surface Protection

    The blue colour stretch film protects the delicate and sensitive surface of the automotive components against abrasion, scratches and potential damage during handling, shipping and storage.

    Colour Coding

    Another reason for using the blue packaging stretch film is that it helps identify and differentiate the wrapped item easily. The blue colour coding is beneficial in organizing and categorizing different components in the busy manufacturing and logistics environment where quick identification is crucial.

    UV Resistance

    The blue PVC stretch film is formulated with UV resistance properties to protect the automotive components from damage due to sun exposure and extreme climatic conditions during shipping and transportation.

    Easy Application and Removal

    This type of plastic wrap roll for packing is specially designed for easy applications with wrapping equipment. It allows for a clean and efficient application and removal without any residue.

    Temperature Stability

    The blue stretch film has excellent resistance to high temperatures. This ensures it performs well even in extreme conditions, including transportation and exposed conditions.

    Pragya Flexifilm Industries is a prominent PE Stretch Film Manufacturer that offers exceptional packaging solutions to different industries, including the automobile sector. We cater to diverse requirements by customising PVC-coloured stretch films in terms of thickness, size, length, and properties. We strive to help you find the right packaging solution for your application.

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