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    Benefits of Biodegradable Cling Film


    We all love nature, care for nature but it is not possible for everyone to plant hundreds of plant or to stop all kind of pollution in every single day, but we can make our contribution my making small changes in daily life, If we start from our home we can replace our plastic wrapping with biodegradable wrapping.

    Yes, Biodegradable Cling Film. Biodegradable cling film not only has the function and characteristic of traditional plastic but also it will reduce the reductive form of the ecological environment and return nature to its life. Biodegradable products help to reduce soil pollution and help to reduce co2 commission.

    Why Biodegradable Cling Film:

    • Biodegradable plastic come from natural sources including crops like corn and switch grass. This makes them conserve non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum.
    • One of the main advantages of using biodegradable plastic is a significant reduction in carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.
    • The manufacturing process of biodegradable plastics requires fewer amounts of energy. Also, they do not need fossil fuels to be recycled. Since the energy requirement is less.
    • Biodegradable plastics require composting or recycling to ensure proper breakdown of the plastic pieces. The requirement to properly dispose of biodegradable plastic products automatically reduces the amount of waste.

    Why Pragya Flexifilm for Biodegradable Cling Film:

    Our Biodegradable Cling Film complies to ASTM 6954 standard and passes all migration tests as per IS: 9833-2018, it is well suited for ideally suited food packaging which helps to keep inside product fresh and safe.

    • Same Strength and flexibility properties.
    • The formulation that needs FDA requirements.
    • Required Available in any size and length.
    • Provide Moisture barriers, food safe and anti-static.

    Our Biodegradable Cling Film Product Range:

    We have wide range of Biodegradable Cling film in different size, and also we can make it customize as per customer’s requirements. Some of them are mentioned below.

    • 30 Meter
    • 100 Meter
    • 200 Meter
    • 300 Meter
    • 400 Meter
    • 500 Meter
    • 600 Meter
    • 1.6 kg gross
    • Customizable [According to the Requirement]

    We all know Biodegradable are those thing which decompose naturally in the environment. The make structure of biodegradable plastic makes them easily break down by natural microorganisms, giving an end product that is less harmful to the environment.

    The bottom line is biodegradable cling film is possible option to reduce plastic packaging use that can help living things and creates less waste because using less plastic is always better than not even attempting to reduce plastic consumption.


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