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    What is Non-migration Cling Film and Uses for the Automobile?


    Non-migration Cling Film is specially designed to minimize the migration of additives or plasticisers from the film to the surfaces they come in contact with. These films are widely used in industries to maintain the quality and integrity of surfaces.

    The Non-migration cling film is a formulated wrap item that could be sensitive to chemical reactions. These films are employed to protect surfaces during manufacturing, transportation, and storage. These types of cling film are extensively used in different industries, such as automotive, food packaging, and electronics.

    At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we offer our valued customers customizations in terms of thickness, size and properties to meet your specific applications.

    Non-migration Cling Uses for Automobiles.

    The non-migration cling film is made from materials such as polyvinyl chloride that are compatible with automotive surfaces and do not contain additives that migrate and impact the surface quality. This cling film adheres to the surface without leaving behind any residue. This is crucial to avoid any type of damage to the automotive finishings.

    The non-migratory cling films have an ideal thickness and are UV-resistant, which safeguards the automotive against abrasion and sun exposure during storage and transportation.

    Other Uses of Non-migration Cling Film Are:

    Besides the Automotive industry, the other applications of non-migratory cling film are:

    • Electronics
    • Aerospace components and equipment
    • Medical devices and equipment
    • Food packaging
    • Delicate artworks and artefacts
    • Textiles and fabrics
    • Furniture
    • Metal and machinery parts

    Pragya Flexifilm Industries is a leading cling film manufacturer. We specialize in providing packaging solutions to the automotive industry. Our team of dedicated experts is well-equipped with industry knowledge and skills to work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and applications. We ensure our cling films are compatible to ensure effective properties and customise thickness, size and adhesive properties to meet diverse industry-specific requirements. Call us today and let us know how our packaging solutions can add value to your business.

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