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    Can You Use Cling Film in the Oven?

    Cling Film in the Oven

    The cling film is widely used for packing and storing purposes in food production and packaging, catering, hotels, restaurants and households. The food-grade cling films are made of safe, toxic-free raw materials that make the cling film usage safe.

    The food industry extensively uses of cling film to lock the moisture and freshness of the food. The cling film is highly compatible and can withstand high and low temperatures. When it comes to using the cling film in the oven, it is usually used as a sealant for baked dishes that is often wrapped with a foil.

    The double-layer hack is used to lock the moisture and prevent the cling film from melting. While some cling film melts under high temperatures, at Pragya Flexifilm Industries, our ‘Wrap All’ is formulated to withstand high temperatures.

    Here is How to Use Cling Film Safely in the Oven:

    • Wrap the cling film with foil and keep the temperatures low.
    • The foil protects the film from the oven’s convection and radiation
    • The cling film locks the moisture and aroma of the cooked food.
    • It prevents the food from overcooking and drying.

    The cling film uses ranges from preserving the food and maintaining its freshness and hygiene to improving the vegetables, fruits and dairy products shelf life. Our premium quality PVC cling film has excellent puncture resistance, making it ideal for wrapping vegetables, cooked food, dairy products and fruits. To know more about our products, contact us or request a quote.

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