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    What is PVC Cling Film?

    PVC Cling Film

    A PVC cling film is a cling wrap made from polyvinylidene chloride (PVC). This film is commonly used for packaging food of any type. It is a glossy wrap known for its fog resistance that helps maintain the freshness of the food. It is mainly used in catering and wrapping food, except oily and pure-fat food. 

    A large amount of plasticizer is added in the production process of general plastic wrap. So, when the general wrap experiences extreme heat, the plasticizer makes precipitation easier. So, it is best to wrap food with PVC cling that keeps the food fresh and safe for a prolonged period. The fruits and vegetables remain fresh when covered with PVC cling films. The food-grade PVC cling is developed in accordance with the FDA regulations that make it safe for food packaging. 

    What makes PVC cling film popular?

    • They are strong, transparent, non-toxic, and tasteless. 
    • Reduces cleaning and keeps food fresh for a long time. 
    • It locks the moisture that keeps the food, fruits, and vegetables fresh, 
    • They are glossy, transparent, and pleasant-looking. 
    • Best suited to wrap vegetables, fruits, or cooked food items. 

    Benefits of Using PVC Cling Film

    Keeps the Food Fresh and Safe for Human Consumption

    The PVC cling film has contributed significantly to the food packaging industry. It protects the vegetables, dairy products, and fruits from the bacteria and germs that can spoil the food. Microorganisms can breed when the food is left uncovered; that is when PVC cling film is used. The PVC cling film is used in supermarkets and stores to keep food items fresh for a long time

    Reduces Food Wastage and Improves Shelf Life

    As mentioned above, when left uncovered, food can get contaminated and be harmful to human consumption. When stored and wrapped correctly, it remains fresh and can be preserved for extended periods. This way, the food stays fresh for a long period and extends the shelf life. 

    Hygienic and Cost-effective

    The PVC cling films are inexpensive and versatile. They maintain the hygiene of the food preserved without being costly. The food and packaging industry has benefited from these PVC films. Many households use them daily as they are an efficient and easy way to preserve food and reduce food wastage. 

    Highly Versatile and Super Stretchable

    The PVC cling film is very versatile and has multiple uses. It can be used for all kinds of food, except oily and pure fat. They can be used in freezers, microwaves, and refrigerators. The cling film’s anti-static properties ensure no dust sticks to the surface, maintaining the hygiene of the cooked food, vegetables, or fruits.  

    Protects the Food and Flavors

    The PVC cling film sticks to the surface of the containers without any adhesive due to its excellent sealing properties. This property acts as an oxygen barrier, protects the flavors, and prevents spoilage.


    The PVC cling film offers puncture resistance and high clarity to preserve food longer. Its high versatility and superior cling have made it immensely popular in the food and catering industry. So, by covering your food with this cling film, you don’t have to worry about spoilage or wastage. The high durability allows it to withstand extreme heat and cold. This makes it a part of many kitchens of households around the world. 

    At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we offer superior quality PVC clings film under the name ‘Wrap All.’ This is a high-end wrapping film specially designed and developed to maintain the nutrients of your food and keep it fresh for an extended period of time. Our wide range of wrapping solutions includes PVC cling film, aluminum foil, PE stretch film, biodegradable cling film, silage bale wrap, and many more. We can proudly say that we are one of the leading exporters of high-quality PVC cling film, stretch film, and aluminum foil. We have been serving excellence in more than 20 countries in the form of smart packaging solutions that contribute to an efficient and healthier food supply change. So, if you are looking for an exporting partner, we are just a call away. Contact us to learn more about our products. 


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