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    How to Use Cling Film?

    Use Cling Film

    The cling film is a thin and transparent wrap that is used to pack food and keep it fresh for a prolonged time. The cling film is highly versatile. From preserving food to keeping your kitchen free from potential disasters, it serves many purposes. There are plenty of uses of the cling film that make it worth keeping a stock of in your homes.

    There Are Some of The Use Cling Film:

    Preserving Food

    One of the most common cling film uses is to cover and protect cooked food, vegetables or fruits for a long time. It creates a tight seal, allowing the food to retain moisture and preventing air exposure. This maintains the quality and improves the shelf life of perishable items.

    Storing Food

    The PVC cling film is used to protect individual portions of food to keep it protected and fresh for an extended period. It can be used to cover the bowls and containers to avoid spillage and keep the kitchen or refrigerator clean and fresh.

    Helpful in Baking

    It is extensively used to cover dough or batters for making cakes or cookies. It is used to line baking sheets so the baked items can be easily removed.

    Packing and Storing Crockery

    Another use cling film is to wrap each cutlery set individually to ensure its safety during transit. Small pieces, such as knives, spoons, cups, forks, saucers, etc., can be wrapped in the PVC cling film so that when transporting or moving, there are no damages or no pieces are lost.


    These are some of the ways that you can use the cling film. From preserving the freshness to preventing spillage, the use cling film is one versatile wrapping solution. At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we offer high-quality PVC cling film that is specially designed to offer a barrier against air and light, locking the freshness and aroma of the food. To know more about our products, get in touch with us or request a quote.

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