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    Coloured Stretch Film: Use & Application

    What is Colored Stretch Film

    Stretch films are commonly used tools for unitizing and bundling products. In the whole spectrum of stretch films, the coloured stretch film has revolutionised the packaging industry. It offers the perfect solution for colour-coding palletized products; right from international colour-coding and colour-coding product loads to branding, the coloured stretch film can make a massive difference in the shipping and packaging process. So, let us explore the various uses and applications of colour stretch in different industries.

    What is Colored Stretch Film?

    The colored stretch wrap film is a highly flexible and elastic packaging film used to palletise products for shipping and transportation. These films offer the same functionality as the standard PE stretch film. They exhibit excellent elastic memory and can stretch and wrap around product loads to secure and stabilize them as pellets. The unique colouring makes them ideal for colour-coding products, branding, and protecting loads. 

    Different Type of Colored Stretch Film

    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black
    • Green
    • Blue
    • White
    • Yellow

    Applications of Colored Stretch Film 

    The colored stretch film use is widely seen in different industries and fields. Following are some of the colored stretch film application across various fields. 

    • Product Coding: The colored stretch film makes it easier to organize and categorize products for shipping and transportation. This stretch film is simply wrapped around pellets, making identification and organization convenient. 
    • International Colour Coding: These films are widely used in international colour coding applications. They are used to code products for transportation between different countries. A specific colour or colour scheme on the products makes it easier for companies to identify products without using separate labels. 
    • Branding: Consumers recognize brands through their unique logos. Many brands use the same colour stretch film to pelletize their products as their logos. The coloured stretch film is also used in product packaging to help users identify a brand’s product. 
    • Product Protection: The coloured stretch films work well as tamper-evident packaging material. The transparent stretch film allows easy identification of products that can be stolen and re-wrapped in the pallet. However, in the case of coloured stretch film, it prevents tampering and re-packing. 


    Coloured stretch wrap is a versatile packaging material that offers various benefits. At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we offer a wide range of stretch films, including PE, PVC, and VCI stretch film. To learn more about our packaging range, call us today. 


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