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    Different Types of Stretch Film for Your Business

    Types of Stretch Film

    The stretch film is a versatile packaging material that helps to hold products together securely. It is extensively used across different industries, ranging from food packaging to industrial packaging. There are various types of stretch film in the market that come in a variety of sizes, colours and properties. It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of different types of stretch wraps to choose the most suitable one for your business. 

    In this blog, we will have a closer look at the different stretch film types that will help you find the ideal stretch for your unique requirements. 

    What is Stretch Film?

    The stretch film or stretch wrap is an elastic-plastic wrap. It is usually used to wrap boxes and pellets for transportation and storage. It exhibits elastic recovery that ensures the products are securely wrapped. 

    Different Types of Stretch Film

    • Blown Stretch Film: The blown stretch film is renowned for its tensile strength and exceptional durability. This stretch film is perfect for transportation businesses, heavy-duty packaging and irregularly shaped items. It provides good tear-resistance and withstands extreme weatherabilty. 
    • Cast Stretch Film: This is the most used stretch film. It is a transparent film that allows ease of product identification during transportation. The cast stretch film offers a two-sided cling that allows products to be firmly wrapped during transit. 
    • VCI Stretch Film: The vapour corrosion inhibitor stretch film is specially developed for metal components. The VCI PE stretch film formulation prevents oxidation and rusting. It is best suited for automotive components, tools, machinery and others. 
    • Coloured Stretch Film: The coloured stretch is ideal for protecting goods from weather exposure and identification of products during transit. It is available in different colours like black, red, yellow, blue stretch film and more. 

    You need to choose the type of stretch film that best suits your business requirements. It is best to consider factors like type of goods, mode of transportation and storage; this will help you pick the most appropriate stretch film. Pragya Flexifilm Industries offers a variety of PE stretch and PVC stretch for food wrapping and industrial applications. Our stretch films are available in different sizes, colours and lengths at competitive prices. Call us today to learn more about stretch films and other products. 

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