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    Buy Our Range of Packaging Solutions: PVC/PE Cling & Stretch films & Aluminium Foil

    Buy Our Range of Packaging Solutions PVCPE Cling & Stretch films & Aluminium Foil

    In the competitive world of retailing, it is crucial to offer customers the best quality products that meet and exceed their expectations. Our PVC/PE cling & stretch films and aluminium foil are not just products; they are solutions. These cling films and foils are used to wrap and secure fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cooked food, and other applications, ensuring freshness and hygiene. So, stocking your supermarket, hypermarket, or retail store with our top-notch cling films and foils can help you offer your customers reliable and high-quality wrapping solutions that enhance the quality and shelf life of their purchases. 

    Partner with Pragya Flexifilm Industries for Top-notch Cling & Stretch Films & Aluminum Foils

    Pragya Flexifilm Industries is a leading manufacturer of PVC cling film and aluminium foil under the brand ‘Wrap All.’ Our Wrap All is manufactured and specially engineered using food-safe material and process innovation to ensure odour-free, non-migratory, and highly transparent cling films. Our range of wrapping solutions includes cling & stretch films and aluminium foils that are crafted with a commitment to superior strength and quality. Our cling & stretch films and foil sheets cater to different market segments like the supermarket, hypermarket, retail chains, and customized brands. As a trusted cling film supplier, our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality shines through every aspect of our cling film and foil range. 

    Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Wrapping & Packaging Solutions

    Discover the excellence of a wide range of cling films and aluminium foil that come in different sizes, widths, lengths, and jumbo rolls. Our wrapping films come in robust packaging with easy-to-tear cutting and dispensing. We are capable of fulfilling bulk orders for international brands, retail chains, hypermarkets, supermarkets, distributors, and wholesalers. Whether you are looking for food packaging film, cling film or aluminium foil, Pragya Flexifilm Industries has got you covered. 

    PVC Cling Film

    Our PVC Cling film is marketed by the brand ‘Wrap All.’ Our films can be used in commercial kitchens and households. Our production and research capabilities allow us to customize film properties like scalability, tackiness, dimensions, and physical properties to offer your customers the best wrapping experience. Our process innovation, an engineered combination of raw materials, and a highly skilled production team can customize cling film as per customers’ requirements in terms of strength, flexibility, thickness, elongation and clinginess. Pragya Flexifilm Industries has years of experience in manufacturing cling films for retailers across the globe. To learn more about Wrap All, contact our sales team. 

    Product Specifications 

    Thickness10-12 microns & customized
    Width50mm to 450mm
    Length30,70,100,600 mtrs & customized

    PE Cling Film

    Our PE cling films are perfect for various household wrapping, such as food wrapping, to preserve freshness, protect the wrapped food from contaminants, and easily store it for an extended period of time. Our high-performance PE cling films offer excellent cling and puncture properties. Our PE cling exhibits superior glossiness, transparency, and puncture resistance, making it ideal for household packaging, industrial packaging, and commercial kitchens. 

    Product Specifications

    Thickness08 to 75 microns & customized
    Width50mm to 2100mm
    Stretch RatioUpto 500%

    Biodegradable Cling Film

    With the world moving towards sustainable packaging, we have successfully introduced biodegradable cling film. This cling film is made of renewable materials that easily break down into the soil, decreasing CO2 emissions and soil erosion. Our biodegradable cling film complies with ASTM 6954 standards and migration tests as per IS:9833-2018. 

    Product Specifications 

    Thickness 8.70mm 
    Width50mm to 2100mm
    LengthCustomizable (As per requirement)

    PE Stretch Film 

    Our Stretch films are manufactured using top-quality polyolefin and raw materials. They do not contain plasticizers like phthalates, chlorine, or harmful chemicals, making them perfect for food wrapping. They allow for easy dispensing, smooth cutting, and superior cling, allowing hassle-free food wrapping. Our stretch films are ideal for industrial packaging, such as pelletizing products for transportation and storage. 

    Our Range of PE Stretch Films: 

    • PE Stretch Film Hand Grade
    • PE Stretch Extended Core Hand Grade
    • PE Stretch Machine Grade (Standard)
    • PPS Machine Grade
    • VCI PE Stretch Film (Anti-corrosive stretch film)
    • Black PE Stretch Film 

    Product Specifications 

    Thickness08-70 microns
    Width50mm to 2100mm
    Stretch RatioUpto 500%

    PVC Stretch Film 

    Our PVC stretch films exhibit excellent heat resistance, high tensile strength, durability, and anti-puncture resistance. These stretch films simplify packaging applications due to their flexibility and unique impact resistance. Our stretch films can be used in various applications like food wrapping, pelletizing items, and bundling products together for safe transportation. Pragya Flexifilm Industries is equipped with the latest machinery and sophisticated tools to produce bulk orders. Our PVC stretch films are widely used for food and beverages, packaging and printing, electrical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. 

    Product Specifications 

    Thickness12 to 14 microns
    Width50mm to 450mm

    Aluminium Foil

    Our aluminium foils for food wrapping are widely used in households and commercial kitchens. They provide a barrier against odour, light, and moisture to keep food fresh for a longer period of time. Besides wrapping food items, our aluminium foils are ideal for grilling and baking food products. Our microwave-safe aluminium foils are perfect for lining baking sheets and trays. These versatile aluminium foils are perfect for domestic and commercial kitchens. We adhere to stringent quality standards in all our production batches to ensure consistent quality so your customers get high-quality products at competitive prices. 

    BOPP Tape

    BOPP tapes are ideal for heavy to medium-scale sealing applications. Our top-quality BOPP tape with shear strength and superior adhesive performance make it suitable for carton sealing applications, strapping, bundling, and stationary applications. With excellent adhesion properties, shrink & wrinkle resistance, and long-lasting seal, our range of BOPP tapes is a perfect addition to your inventory stock. We offer these high-quality BOPP tapes in various sizes, thicknesses, and lengths that are customized to your requirements. Reach out to our sales team and let us know your requirements. 

    Types of BOPP Tape we offer: 

    • Transparent BOPP tape
    • Coloured BOPP tape
    • Customized BOPP tape

    Stock Our Packaging Products to Enhance Product Offerings & Customer Satisfaction

    In today’s competitive world, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and retail chains are constantly seeking products that offer convenience and meet customers’ requirements. Our range of aluminium foils and cling and stretch films are in great demand, and by stocking packaging and wrapping products, you can enhance your product offering and customer satisfaction. 

    • Customized Production: At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we are committed to fulfilling customers’ diverse requirements. Our modern production facility allows us to customize our products in terms of clinginess, glossiness, length, size, width, and other technical specifications. This level of customization ensures that our products meet your unique requirements
    • Versatility: Both our cling films and aluminium foils are incredibly versatile. Our cling films can be used in domestic and commercial kitchens. They are perfect for wrapping vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and cooked food.  Our aluminium foils are ideal for grilling, baking, and packing food items. This versatility means your customers can rely on our packaging products. 
    • Customer Satisfaction: At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to repeat purchases and brand loyalty. Our packaging products are rigorously tested on various parameters to ensure customer satisfaction. The ease of usage and high-quality packaging ensure a positive experience for customers every time they use our product. By stocking our products, you can ensure a positive customer experience, leading to repeated purchases and boosting your sales and reputation.
    • Competitive Pricing: We understand the importance of offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Our cling films and aluminium foils offer customers value for their money, making our products suitable for budget-conscious customers without compromising on quality. By stocking our products, you can offer customers top-quality products at affordable prices. 
    • Proven Track Record: Our cling & stretch films and aluminium foils have become synonymous with quality and are trusted by customers across the globe. We have built a strong reputation for reliability and excellence, which is reflected through positive feedback. By stocking our products in your inventory, you offer customers products that they can rely on and trust, thereby enhancing your reputation as a provider of high-quality products.


    Our cling films, stretch films, and BOPP tapes are smart decisions for supermarkets, hypermarkets, and retail chains. With a proven track record, competitive pricing, versatility, and customization options, stocking your inventory with our products can help boost sales and revenues. Partner with us to offer your customers the best packaging solutions at affordable prices. Call our sales team today.

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