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    Top 8 Factors to Consider when choosing PE Stretch Film

    8 Factors To Consider When Choosing PE Stretch Film

    PE Stretch films are used to pelletize goods and prevent moving or shifting during transportation or storage. These stretch films offer pellet stability to protect against damage during transportation or storage. When choosing a PE stretch film, factors like stretchability, elongation, puncture resistance, elasticity, and clinginess need to be considered. Choosing the proper widths and thickness ensures you won’t waste any film and can wrap loads securely. 

    Definition of PE Stretch Film

    PE Stretch film is a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution extensively used in industries like food & beverages, industrial manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. These stretch films ensure that the products are safe and secure during transportation, storage, and handling operations. 

    Types of PE stretch film

    • PE stretch film
    • VCI stretch film
    • Hand-grade PE stretch film
    • PE stretch extended core hand grade
    • PE coloured stretch film
    • PE stretch film machine grade
    • PPS machine grade

    Choosing the right PE stretch film is crucial for various reasons. The right PE stretch film ensures that the goods are secure and safe during transit and minimizes the chances of damage. 

    Here are 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing PE Stretch Film

    1. Thickness:

    The thickness of the stretch film demonstrates its transparency, strength, and performance of the film. Thickness also impacts the cost, as thicker films are more expensive than thinner films. 

    2. Loads Form & Weight: Types of loads: 

    ➡ Uniform With Clean Edges.
    ➡ Irregular-shaped Load With Uneven Load.
    ➡ No Conformity With Sharp Edges.

    The shape of the load will help determine the type of stretch film you should use. Also, consider the pallet load. 

    3. Clarity:

    The clarity of the goods depends on how clear the stretch film is. A transparent stretch film allows you to inspect the quality and integrity of the products. So, if you want to improve the clarity of the products, choose a clear stretch film, or if you want to protect the content of the load, go for coloured stretch film. 

    4. UV Protection:

    The Importance of stretch film is emphasized in applications like wrapping pellets for transporting and storing loads. Look for a stretch film that is UV resistant as it safeguards items from UV exposure and environmental damage.

    5. Elongation:

    The higher the elongation, the better the stretchability, puncture resistance, and tear resistance the film can offer. Consider a stretch film with a higher elongation percentage for better load stability. 

    6. Tear Resistance:

    Tear resistance is essential, especially with irregularly shaped loads. A strong stretch film can withstand high endurance and pressure during transportation and handling. 

    7. Elasticity:

    It is the ability of the stretch film to stretch and return to its original shape. High elasticity ensures less tension while wrapping irregularly shaped loads and secure wrapping. 

    8. Volume & Cost:

    Consider the number of pellets you need to wrap and the time and labour cost associated with these pellets. Compare different films and choose the most efficient option. 


    Choosing the right PE stretch film is an important decision. With the right PE stretch, you can save time, money, and effort. Pragya Flexifilm Industries is one of the top PE Stretch Film suppliers. We offer a wide range of PE stretch films customized according to your requirements. We can help you pick the most suitable PE stretch film for your application.

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