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    Why Should You Use Stretch Film to Wrap Goods?

    PE stretch film

    The stretch film is one of the most versatile, efficient, and cost-effective packaging solutions. The stretch films or stretch wrap is a plastic wrap with excellent stretchability, making it ideal for wrapping various products. Different types of stretch films are offered in the market to meet customers’ specific requirements. 

    At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we offer stretch films of superior quality for various wrapping applications, such as PE Stretch Film for food wrapping, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and others.

    Advantages of Stretch film

    The Stretch wrapping film roll can be easily applied to loads of different shapes and sizes. It can be conveniently removed by simply cutting it down, releasing the tension, removing the film by hand, and recycling it. 

    Here Are Some of the Benefits That Make Pe Stretch Film Wrapping the Ideal Packaging Solution:

    • Cost-Effective

    The stretch is a better choice than the heat shrink or strapping film. It is less expensive than the other alternatives and also consumes less energy. 

    • Highly Efficient

    The products wrapped with stretch film can be easily scanned with the help of optics. Along with packing stretch wrap being easy to work with, it improves the workers’ productivity. 

    • Better Product Protection

    Being the leading stretch film manufacturers, our stretch film keeps the wrapped items free from moisture, dust and dirt. This ensures that the products are clean and safe. 

    • Eliminates The Risk of Product Damage

    As a stretch film supplier, our products are highly demanded by logistic and inventory management companies. This is because stretch film secures the load, decreasing the chances of moving it during shipping. It makes handling products easier and reduces the risk of product damage or injuries to the staff. 

    At Pragya Flexifilm Industries we provide stretch film that are produced using high-grade raw material that offers great strength and durability at cost-effective prices. To know more about our products, call us today.

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