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    Different Types PE Stretch Film and It’s Benefits

    PE Stretch Films Types and Benefits

    In the world of packaging, there are various types of packaging materials that are used for different applications like PE Stretch Films. Polyethene (PE) stretch film is a versatile and efficient packaging material that has become a go-to choice for various industries. These films are specially designed for wrapping and protecting pallets, packages, and boxes during transit and delivery. The multiple binds and strong external layer of the PE prevent damage to the internal content of the packaging. In this blog, we explore the different PE stretch film types and benefits that make it an indispensable packaging material.

    What are PE Stretch Films? 

    PE stretch film is a protective film made from special polyethylene plastic. It is non-toxic, odourless, and tasteless, has large elongation, good self-adhesion, and is highly transparent. These films primarily protect and pack products like pallets, boxes, and other items. Over the years, PE stretch film for food wrapping has gained prominence for preserving the freshness and quality of food items. 

    Different Types of PE Stretch Films 

    Pragya Flexifilm Industries is one of the largest PE stretch film manufacturers in India. Our stretch films are backed with tolerance capabilities that make them ideal for applications like heavy loads, glass & ceramics, fragile items, and heavy bagged products. We offer the following types of PE Stretch films: 

    • PE Stretch Hand Grade:  This manual pallet wrap film is specially made for manual human labour use. It allows improved efficiency and cost-effective packaging. 
    • PE Stretch Film Machine Grade: This stretch film is made for stretch machine use. It offers greater efficiency in packaging, safety, superior load containment, and lower material usage. 
    • PE Stretch Extended Core Hand Grade: This ready-to-use stretch film with an extended handle makes palletizing and unitizing items easy. 
    • PPS Machine Grade: The Power Pre Stretch film exhibits tensile strength and versatility for high-performance applications. 
    • VCI PE Stretch Film: The volatile corrosion inhibition stretch film protects metal products against corrosion and moisture during transit and delivery. 
    • PE Stretch Coloured Film: The coloured stretch film is ideal for warehouse colour coding, inventory dating, and international transportation. 

    Benefits of a Stretch Film

    • Ensures packaging strength for safe transportation of goods. 
    • Offers protection from UV rays, sun exposure, and external damage. 
    • Enhances security and inventory management and control.
    • Improves shipping and handling of pallets.
    • Keeps products free from dust, moisture, and dirt.
    • PE Stretch Film for food wrapping is safe and hygienic.


    Our PE stretch film offers a perfect balance of functionality, visibility, and sustainability. Make an informed choice for your packaging needs and experience convenience and high-performance packaging with Pragya Flexifilm Industries. Call us to learn more about our PE stretch. 

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