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    Examining the Different Types of Stretch Films

    Types of Stretch Films

    Stretch film is a widely used tool for wrapping products for transportation. When the pallet is wrapped, it does not mean it is wrapped and packed correctly, as safety is a significant concern. It is crucial to use stretch film for wrapping products for shipping and transportation to ensure the products safely reach their destination without any damage. 

    So, What is Stretch Film?

    The film is a plastic wrap stretched to cover products like pallets or boxes for transportation and shipping. The stretchability of the film ensures that the products are secured tightly. 

    What is Stretch Wrap Used for?

    Stretch wrapping is a common practice used by various companies worldwide. The stretch wrap is used to unitize the products along with packing bundles of smaller products. 

    Types Of Stretch Film

    Various types of stretch films are used in different industries for diverse applications. Here are some of the different types of stretch film:

    PVC Stretch Silm

    The PVC stretch film has excellent temperature resistance and durability. The PVC stretch film for food wrapping is one of the many uses as it has food fresh for prolonged periods. 

    VCI Stretch Film 

    The vapour corrosion inhibitor (VCI) stretch films are specially designed and produced by the top stretch film suppliers for wrapping metal components. These films prevent the oxidization of metal and are widely used for packing equipment, tools, metal pipes, and other metal products. 

    PE Stretch Film

    The polyolefin stretch film has outstanding temperature resistance and enhanced durability that makes it quite popular among customers.

    The Other Stretch Films are:

    • UVI stretch film
    • Reinforced stretch film
    • vented stretch film
    • No cling stretch film 
    • Specialty stretch film

    At Pragya Flexifilm Industries, we offer various hand-grade and machine-grade stretch films like PVC stretch film, PE stretch film, VCI PE stretch film, cling film, PVC cling film, and others of different thickness and sizes per your requirements.

    Depending on your budget, packaging needs, and machinery, we can recommend the best stretch film that suits your unique needs. To know more about packaging solutions, call Pragya Flexifilm Industries today. 

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