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Biodegradable Cling Film


With the rising demand for eco-friendly products, we love to introduce our biodegradable cling film, which is minimizing environmental impact as plastic packaging manufacturers we always try our best to reduce waste and nature-friendly products to save mother earth. Biodegradable cling film is a very promising alternative option to another packaging, it is made up of renewable materials, in addition, it required less time as compared to non-degradable so it is simply a time-saving process. The biodegradable product helps in soil pollution and decreased co2 emission and this is one of the best advantages of biodegradable packaging, as they work to reduce climate change.

The bottom line is biodegradable cling film is possible option to reduce plastic packaging use that can help living things and creates less waste because using less plastic is always better than not even attempting to reduce plastic consumption.

Our Biodegradable Cling Film complies to ASTM 6954 standard and passes all migration tests as per IS: 9833-2018, it is well suited for ideally suited food packaging which helps to keep inside product fresh and safe.

Our Biodegradable Cling Film include number of advantage like:

  • Same strength and Flexibility property.
  • Formulation that need FDA requirements.
  • Available in any size and length.
  • Moisture barries, food safe, Anti-static


Thickness: customizable [According to the Requirement]
Width: customizable [According to the Requirement]
Length: customizable [According to the Requirement]

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