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Aluminium Foil

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42 Meter Aluminium Foil Roll
1kg Net Aluminum Foil Roll


Aluminium foil Packaging provides the essential barrier needed to stop the ingress of moisture and escape of subtle flavours. It also prevents the UV rays, present in most forms of lighting, from causing ‘photo-oxidation’ and the rancid taste from fat and oil components in food products. Aluminium foil is impermeability helps to retain fragrance and provides excellent folding characteristics, while the high gloss metallic print surface can be put to good graphic use to convey product quality. Food preservation is the very efficient and widely used way to greatly extend the life of foodstuffs. Once safely protected from light and gases, the food retains its nutritional value and texture until re-hydrated. The unique dead fold characterstic along with excellent barrier properties of aluminium foil makes it the most proffered choice for packing of vast variety of food stuff.

Unique & Versatile Properties – A unique combination of physical characteristics makes aluminium foil an essential material for household use:

  • Aluminium foil provides a total barrier to light, odour and moisture, thus making it ideal for the protection of sensitive food during cooking and storage.
  • It has unique mechanical properties as it is formable, strong and can be ‘dead folded’, which is beneficial when wrapping food
  • Aluminium foil is an excellent conductor of heat and can withstand the highest temperatures encountered in cooking; After it has been used, aluminium foil can be recycled or recovered in the form of energy.
These Aluminium Food Packaging Foils offered by us are completely durable and hygienic, hence safe to use. Our professionals check them on various quality parameters before supplying them to our customers. We supply these foils in roll forms to various Indian markets at market leading prices.


Thickness: 10.5, 14, 18 Microns
Width: 30cm and 45cm
Length: customized

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